I wonder if God believes in grace?

27 Jan

A murderer.

An adulterer.

A man married to over six hundred women.

A man who married a prostitute.

A traitor to his country.

A disappointment to his colleagues.

A man who threw innocent people into prison and delighted in torturing people who believed differently than he did.

A coward.

A self-righteous hypocrite.

A man who betrayed his closest friend at his moment of greatest need.

Another who at one point wondered if Jesus might be crazy.

What do these men have in common?

They are all authors of God’s Word.

When we look at God in His holiness and His majesty, it is easy for us to wonder if God would ever use people like us. And that’s a good thought as a start. It means we are at least getting a glimpse of how much better than us God really is. At the same time however, it is important we don’t use our weakness and insignificance as an excuse. Because God has made it very clear that His grace is big enough to forgive us when we really repent, to transform us into someone different than we were and to use to accomplish more than we ever thought we could.

There’s no one besides Jesus who ever had a significant ministry for Christ who actually deserved it. For the rest of us, any impact, any avenue of service, any opportunity to make Jesus look great, like the authors of Scripture, it is pure, one hundred percent, amazing grace!

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