I am not…

1 Feb

It is hard to think of a more obvious statement than this: God is God and you are not. Yet in our day to day lives this reality seems very difficult for many of us to remember.

I thought I might just jot down some of the very practical real life differences not being God should make on my life today. The fact that I am not God means:

1. I am not the most important person in the world, the country, or the room today.
2. I am not the ultimate purpose of the day.
3. I am not able to know exactly what other people are thinking or why they are doing what they are
4. I am not able to control my environment or my circumstances. I am not even able to control the most
basic necessities for my survival, such as keeping my heart beating and my blood flowing and all
kinds of other things like that.
5. I am not able to fully satisfy the other people around me.
6. I am not deserving of everyone else’s respect.
7. I am not always right.
8. I am not absolutely perfect in all my motives, thoughts, words, and actions.
8. I am not the final answer to everyone else’s problems.
9. I am not above being questioned or rebuked.
10. I am not able to be someone else’s ultimate identity or security or purpose.
11. I am not the person others should spend most of their time thinking about or amazed by.
12. I am not the first person others should look to or trust in when they are in trouble.
13. I am not the person I should be most amazed by.
14. I am not the central theme of the Scriptures and I am not the answer to my prayers.

There’s hardly anything more important than knowing who you are and a very basic part of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not. You are not God. Are you living like you believe that?

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