How Broken Are We?

20 Feb

I wonder what your first response is when you read Paul saying something like put off all bitterness, wrath and anger, clamor, slander and malice?

Mine is an overwhelming sense of my need for Jesus.

How broken am I that all of this stuff comes out of my heart? That when someone does something wrong to me, I can struggle with repetitive thoughts about how much I don’t like that person. That when someone does something wrong to me, I can struggle with extra energy directing me to attack the person instead of the problem. That when someone does something wrong to me, I can struggle with wanting to intimidate them through yelling at them or tearing them down by speaking evil against them behind their back. That when someone does something wrong to me, I can even come to the point where I want to make plans to do evil to them.

We sometimes like to think of ourselves as good people, but the truth is all it takes is for someone to disappoint us, hurt us, or sin against us and sins like these or at least strong temptations to sins like these, which are vicious sins really, come at us with tremendous force.

Good people. Seriously? Just watch what happens the next time you accidentally pull out in front of someone today. You have never met the person before, you will never see them again, you only caused them about a five second delay, and yet how often do you see people respond to these kinds of mistakes with pure, unadulterated fury.

And that’s not just them, out there, that is us. The reason Paul has to say put off bitterness, wrath, malice, slander and the like is because we still struggle with it.

What a Savior though. I mean, Jesus stands out. Here is someone who actually deserves praise, honor and adoration. He comes into the world and he continually receives the opposite, to the point where they take him and crucify him on a cross and yet, there’s not a time in his life where he responds to the sins against him with any of the qualities Paul mentions and why does he endure all this, for sinners like me, to share his perfect righteousness with broken people like me, that I might know God’s grace.

Man, thinking about that, knowing that grace, makes me want to become more and more a person who shows it!

One Response to “How Broken Are We?”

  1. Hanno Winterbach February 20, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    So true, those who think they are good does not understand neither good nor evil.

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