On not being short-sighted

1 Mar

Obeyed God, offered the better sacrifice and was struck down by his own brother.

God’s chosen instrument to bring blessing to all the nations, and went through famine with everyone else, had family members who were taken captive by foreign enemies, lived most of his life going from place to place in a tent.

Loved by God, but disappointed on his marriage day, after having worked seven years for a certain woman, forced to marry another.

Given dreams by God of future greatness, then sold into slavery and thrown into prison.

God’s special people, living as slaves in Egypt, children murdered by their slave-masters. God hears their prayers for deliverance, then their forced labor gets even more difficult.

The deliverer God called out of the desert for His people, consistently opposed and grumbled about by the very ones God called Him to deliver.

The one God anointed to be King, hunted for years like a dog by Saul and his army.

A man committed to prayer, thrown into the lions den for his commitment to prayer.
Three men who refused to worship idols, thrown into a fiery furnace for their worship of the one true God.

God’s own Son, crucified.

God’s instrument for bringing the gospel to the Gentiles, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, constantly in danger, labor and hardship, going without food, cold, and even lacking necessary clothes, eventually martyred.

While there is much more to each of these stories that we can tell of deliverances and assurances of love, they all do seem to indicate that we cannot judge God’s love for us by our present and immediate circumstances. If these men had based their view of God on what was happening to them at certain moments in their lives, they would have been absolutely wrong about who He was and what He was doing. Instead, they through faith had to base their view of God on what He had revealed to them, and it was only through viewing God through the eyes of faith which was based on His word that they could really know who God was and what He was doing.

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