Are you open for correction?

5 Mar

If we are going to be honest, there are times when the last thing in the world we want is for someone to tell us that we are wrong or that there is a way that we could do something better. We actually come up with ways to keep that from happening. We learn to avoid people who disagree with us, we make fun of them for disagreeing with us, we slander them to others for disagreeing with us, why? pride of course, we want to feel like we are wise and we want to have others think we are wise.

What’s so sad is that our very attitude towards rebuke and correction at that moment proves we are anything but.

It is Monday morning and I know as I look towards this week that I need help taking correction and I am guessing you might as well. Even though I know I shouldn’t avoid it, it’s very tempting to do just that. I have to motivate myself to become better at opening up my life for correction and instruction. Proverbs helps me do that. Here are fifteen motivations from Proverbs to learn a new way to respond to people who love you enough to tell you that you are wrong:

1.) Without instruction, I am actually making failure much more likely and my failure will impact the people around me. (11:14)
2.) If I really want to demonstrate that I am smart it is not by getting angry at the people who correct me and arguing with them, but instead by loving their reproof. (12:1)
3.) The wise man isn’t the know it all. He is the one who listens to advice. (12:15)
4.) Friends that don’t care enough about me to help me change, don’t really love me. They hate me. (13:24)
5.) The consequences of not having people in my life who will correct me can be very serious. Like for one, death. (15:10)
6.) The idea of one man making a great plan by himself without seeking advice and counsel and carrying out that plan by himself without help from others is a myth. Lone ranger leadership is foolish leadership. (15:22)
7.) Understanding is much more valuable than having everyone think I am smart. (18:2)
8.) Even if the person is wrong, it’s not going to help the situation move forward if I get angry with him. (19:11)
9.) The moment I stop listening to instruction is the moment I begin to walk away from knowledge. (19:27)
10.) I am not the only one who needs to be corrected. This is common for all people. I don’t need to act like this is such a huge surprise. (20:9)
11.) It is through painful instruction that God actually changes me. (20:30)
12.) That feeling, where I feel like I am so much smarter than everyone else, pretty much proves I am not. (26:12)
13.) Enemies are good at flattering, friends, not so much. (27:6)
14.) Truth isn’t afraid of being questioned. It’s through questioning and challenging that I will become even better at explaining the truth. (27:17)
15.) Long term, the person who loves me enough to graciously challenge me will be of even greater benefit than the person who continually ignores the places I need to grow. (28:23)

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