March through the years…

I have been blogging for almost six years now. Here are some of the things God has been teaching me during the month of March over the past several years.

March 2010

How Great A Salvation!:

What issues were of greatest concern to you this past week?

Your children, maybe? Finances? Your relationship with your boss and fellow employees? Sports, perhaps?

Life is busy and a wide range of things can occupy our attention. It is remarkable how many different things seem so very important to us as we go about our lives. I am convinced however that no matter what your past week was like, there is no issue of greater importance in your life than the subject of this text.

The subject of salvation…

Why to Talk to People about Their Sin:

This post gives four reasons.

March 2009

1 Peter 1:1 and 2:

When we look at what is going on in our lives, there’s how it is with us and the world around us, we are like strangers.

But then there’s also how it is with us and God, we are chosen.

And to get a biblical perspective on life in this world we have to hold these terms in balance.

We are strangers, but we are more than strangers, we are chosen strangers.

March 2008

The Christian Life in a Word:

I like the fact the Bible is deep.

It is not this book that is just filled up with tired old worn out clichés and simply comes to us with this one, two, three step plan to living your best life now. It is profound. There is enough truth in the Bible to cause anybody’s brain to begin smoking.

I also appreciate the fact that it can be real simple. Consider what it tells us about the Christian life as an example…


One thing I don’t like about life.

I don’t like that the same set of events can be interpreted so completely differently. One person can do something, two people can explain why they did it two completely different ways. Look, I can look back on different things I have done and depending on the day, I can have completely different opinions as to what happened. I tend to usually find ways to rationalize it to being the better interpretation, but still.

How do you deal with that? This post offers several suggestions…

March 2007

Spurgeon at a loss for words:

There is no sermon like what you can see with your own eyes.

I went to the Orphan–house, last Wednesday, on Ashley Down, near Bristol, and saw that wonder of faith—I had some conversation with that heavenly–minded man Mr. Muller I never heard such a sermon in my life as I saw there…

March 2006

Saying No to Me:

It’s impossible to follow Christ without a radical, wholehearted commitment to deny self.

Though that runs contrary to everything our culture tells us, we as Christians must constantly remind ourselves and each other that we can not truly follow Christ without saying no to ourselves. This post explains several reasons why.

Fighting for Happiness:

There are lots of things we could say about the typical American Christian lifestyle. But I wonder if one of the main things we should say about it is that it is just dumb. Sure, there’s a lot that is sinful, there’s a lot that is wrong, but bottom line it’s all pretty dumb.

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