18 Apr

Paul Tripp, The Recipe for a Successful Pastor

“A pastor’s ministry is never just shaped by his experience, knowledge, and skill. It is also always shaped by the true condition of his heart. In fact, if his heart is not in the right place, knowledge and skill can make him dangerous.

Pastors often struggle to find living, humble, needy, celebratory, worshipful, meditative communion with Christ. It is as if Jesus has left the building. There is all kinds of ministry knowledge and skill, but it seems divorced from a living communion with a living and ever-present Christ. All this activity, knowledge, and skill seems to be fueled by something else. Ministry becomes shockingly impersonal. Then it’s about theological content, exegetical rightness, ecclesiastical commitments, and institutional advancement…”

Paul Taugtes, Work Backwards

“One of the most effective counseling methods I know of is to work backwards from where I am now to where I once was, from where my thinking has been renewed to where it went awry. This is not only effective for self-counseling, but also for counseling one another. We need to help each other see what choices and/or thinking processes are now being refined and used by God to sanctify us and grow our faith…”

You Need a Budget

We have had a budget for years now, but we did not really have a simple way of tracking how we were doing keeping that budget. I know. Not smart. Amazing though how God takes care of us. But we began using this program recently and it’s made a tremendous impact. It’s actually helped me in a number of ways beyond simple budgeting as well. It’s reminded me of the importance of accountability, tracking progress and the power of small, incremental changes over an extended period of time. For more information, Tim Challies provides a more extended review.

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