Just Another Example of How Desperately Grace is Needed

24 May

There are many interesting and surprising parts to the story of Noah and the flood.

Take what life was like on the earth in that time. I mean, who are the Nephilim exactly? What is up with the sons of God and the daughters of man? Imagine being Noah, the only righteous man on earth. Or being asked by God to make a boat? Strange, but not as strange as watching animals like lions and tigers and bears, oh my! come directly to you and walk straight in to the ark and then having God tell you to get into the floating zoo with them immediately afterwards.

For me though, while everything that happened before Noah got in the ark and everything that must have been happening while he was on the ark is fun to think about, there’s nothing nearly as shocking as what happened when he got off.

Think about this. Walk with me for a moment through exactly what the text tells us about Noah and what was happening to him. Don’t worry, I will be quick:

Noah finds favor in God’s eyes.
He is described as a righteous man, blameless in his generation.
Noah walked with God.
God chooses to rescue Noah and his family from coming judgment.
Noah does everything God commands.
He has conversations with God.
He gets in the boat God tells him to make with a whole bunch of animals God miraculously brought and God shuts him in.
He watches the entire world be judged.
He waits.
God remembers him.
God brings him out of the ark.
Noah kills some of the animals he brought with him on the ark to make sacrifices to God.
God makes a promise to not judge the earth in the same way again.
God blesses Noah.
God establishes a covenant with Noah.
Noah starts working as a kind of farmer.
Noah gets drunk and lays uncovered in his tent.


I realize the emphasis of this story lies on Noah’s son Ham’s sin, but I still think this is so shocking. It also reminds me of the constant vigilance that is needed in this war against our own sinful desires, and even more than that of how desperately we as human beings need God’s grace and especially Jesus, the Savior to come and fix us and everything else.

Can we save ourselves?

I don’t think so. Let’s try this thought experiment out for a moment. What if God took the most righteous person on the planet and started all over again? It wouldn’t be too long after that, that righteous man would turn from God to abuse the very blessings God had given him.

Just look at Noah.

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