Not just submission…gospel submission!

8 Jun

It’s tempting to think of the Bible’s commands to a wife to submit in a negative way.

But what if God was really looking out for your good? Because He is. I am convinced that one way God is showing you grace by calling on you to submit as a wife is by using your submission to your husbands as a means of helping you know and appreciate the gospel better.

You have this command to help you keep forcing you back to the gospel.

But you say, what do you mean exactly?

How does knowing Jesus and the gospel help me follow my husband’s leadership and how does following my husband’s leadership help me know Jesus?

1.) If you want to know how to submit to your husband, you need to go to the gospel because the gospel gives you an example of perfect submission in Jesus. You look to your hero and you see Him submitting to His Father’s will even when it meant the cross.

2.) It reminds you that your life is not about you. Your life is about Jesus Christ. Therefore, what brings you the greatest joy is not when things are easy but when He is glorified.

3.) It has changed your opinion of yourself. In the gospel you see yourself for who you really are. You are not someone great, someone important. You are a sinner, just like the person who is leading you. If you have knowledge, if you have abilities, they are a gift of God. To act like a know it all, like someone who is better than the person leading you, is anti-gospel.

4.) It helps you have compassion when people are sinning against you because in the gospel you see how much you have sinned against God and how much He has forgiven you.

5.) It frees you up from having to be the most important person in the room. You recognize that you are accepted by God and because of that you don’t have to everybody think you are someone really important. You don’t have to fight for position. You can be content where God has placed you, because your ‘worth’ isn’t dependent on what people think of you.

6.) It gives you courage. You realize that even if you are in a terrible position, even if things turn out bad, eventually they are going to turn out good – if not here, in heaven. You look at the cross and see how Jesus’ submission at first might have looked like a failure, but God had a plan and He has taken that terrible tragedy and turned into the greatest triumph ever. If He can do something like that with Jesus, you can be confident He can do that with your difficult situations. Plus, you know He is for you. On top of that, you know He sees it all. One better, you know that He loves it when His people do what’s right even when it’s difficult if they do it because they love Him.

7.) It has changed your purpose in life. To follow Christ, you have made a decision to deny yourself. When you have to submit, you have a great opportunity to do just that. You can go back to the decision you made when you became a Christian and remember, that submitting is just a practical implication of that initial decision. You are saying when you submit, I am not my own Lord. I submit because Jesus is Lord, my life is His, and I exist to do what He wants.

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