12 Jun

From Nine Marks

“In an earlier post, I mentioned Mike Minter‘s Stay the Course one-day seminar for pastors. From that seminar, here is Mike’s “anatomy of conflict”:

  1. An offense occurs.
  2. A biased view of the offense is shared with friends.
  3. Friends take up the offense.
  4. Sides begin to form.
  5. …”  

He concludes with,

“Three observations:

  • First, that is pretty much spot-on with what I’ve observed in a number of churches. I wish it weren’t so, but it’s the truth.
  • Second, it seems that once you get to step #5, it’s pretty hard to pull out of the nose-dive.
  • Third, conflict in the church makes me long for Jesus to come back soon.”

Read the whole thing here…

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