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20 Jun

One of the greatest joys God gives us in life, (and He gives us so many!) is working together with godly, humble friends. He’s put some amazing people in our lives and we are forever thankful! I always figure that God must have known that I need a lot of help, so He stoops down and sends such fantastic people into our lives. Working with such sweet people keeps you humble and prayerful (I hope!) because I just don’t want to mess it up with my selfishness. I feel such a responsibility before God to do everything I can to help them succeed.

Anyway, I thought I could introduce you to a couple of our new friends who have recently come to join us or are on their way. You can find out more about what God’s doing in their lives and what’s happening here in South Africa by following their blogs!

Donovan and Heather Drew: The Drews News
Randy and Susan Clark: The Clarks Following Him
Rachael Lee (an intern this summer): Journaling Africa

And here’s a link to a good friend who has been working with us since the beginning of Living Hope!

Alan Lester: Grace Unlimited

I also wanted to share with you the link to 1Hope and then also ask you to be praying for a conference that we are working on putting together to promote a biblical view of adoption here in South Africa. (Man, we are excited about this!)

Together for Adoption South Africa

Plus, we are going away for a couple of weeks so I don’t imagine there will be much updating to the blog. But if you remember please pray for us. We feel a greater and greater sense of dependency on Christ every day.

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