How to make someone angry

31 Jul

When someone gets angry, we often blame them. True enough. We are responsible for our reactions. I was reading through Proverbs today however and noticed that Solomon clearly indicates there are things people can do that results in strife.

I just jotted down 25 ways to provoke people to anger:

1. Be sinfully angry yourself
2. Speak harshly to them
3. Refuse to overlook mistakes
4. Don’t listen to advice
5. Love and plan sin
6. Be dishonest and gossip
7. Always have to win arguments and prove you are smarter than them
8. Enjoy quarrels – in other words, make a habit of being disagreeable
9. Minimize people with your words
10. Approve of sinful and wicked people
11. Speak critically for the purpose of tearing down
12. Be focused on your status and importance instead of other people’s good
13. Drag out an argument
14. Hold back resources that would help people succeed for selfish reasons
15. Return evil for good
16. Talk about stupid things
17. Refuse to provide the instruction they need to do things well
18. Don’t take their heart troubles seriously
19. Lie and then minimize that lie with rationalizations as to why it really wasn’t a lie
20. Say the right thing at the wrong time
21. Don’t deal with sin in a biblical way
22. Just talk without thinking
23. Don’t encourage them when they are anxious
24. Overreact to small matters
25. Over-expect and under encourage

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