More than we ask or think!

How can I be sure God can keep the promises I read in His Word when the circumstances of my life seem so difficult?

In Ephesians 3:20 and 21 Paul tells us we can be confident because we serve a God who can do an absolutely unending amount more, look at this, than all that we could ask or think.

That’s amazing.

More than all that we could ask.

That means every single request that you bring to God that is in line with His will, you know what, He is able to accomplish it.

Bring your request, he can top that.

When we come to God in prayer and make requests we are coming to someone who can do everything you ask of Him, and it is even better than that really, because Paul says God can do more than we ask.

And not just more than we ask, but even more than we think.

Paul is saying that even your imagination is too small to get a grasp on the power of God to keep His promises to His people. If you sit down and you try to come up with this crazy way for God to be able to keep His promises, God can do more than that. His power is bigger than that.

Knowing that right there about God is one of the keys to the Christian life

And I think actually we sometimes really get in trouble because we think God is limited by what limits us.

You are in this situation.

You read God’s promise.

But you look at your circumstance and you think, “I can’t figure out a way for God to be good and to keep His promises in this situation. That must mean He must not be able to.”

But here’s the thing.

God’s not limited by what limits you.

Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean God can’t do it.

He’s able to do more than you can ask or think.

That’s actually a big part of what God’s been doing and proving all throughout the Bible. He is constantly proving to us there’s nothing that can stop Him from keeping His promises.

Think about Abraham.

Can a 100 year old man and 90 year old woman stop God from keeping His promise.

Boom, baby.

Or Joseph.

Can brothers abandoning you in a pit and then being sold into slavery and the person you work for making false accusations and you end up in prison for something you didn’t do stop God?

Boom, God uses that terrible circumstance to rescue His people from a future famine.

Or Israel?

How about being slaves in Egypt?

With a powerful Pharaoh who hates you, doing everything he can to oppress you?

Can that stop Him?

Boom, ten plagues!

An army chasing you?

Boom, walking across the Red Sea on dry land.

This is the whole Old Testament really.

A giant named Goliath.

Boom, boy with a slingshot and he’s down.

We have got walls falling down when people shout. We have got men being thrown into a fiery furnace. Over and over again God proves that He is able to do far more abundantly than we could ever ask or think.

Your imagination is way smaller than the power of God.

And you know if you have any doubts in your mind about that, you don’t just have to go to the Old Testament. If you are a believer this power to do more than you can imagine is not simply something you read about in God’s Word, it is also something you have seen in your own life.

We are such funny people sometimes. We are like oh man, can God keep His promises? I wonder if Paul would be like, man do you know, do you have any conception of the power that God has demonstrated in your life already? Do you have any conception of the power that God has demonstrated in bringing the church into existence?

Try this.

He raised Jesus from the dead.

A man went into the ground and came back up and now that man, the God man, sits on His throne above every other authority in the universe.

If you need something a little more personal.

Try this.

You were dead spiritually, living your life in disobedience to God’s Word, just living like the world, not even really thinking, just doing what everybody else did, under the control of a satanic influence, controlled by your own wicked desires.

And it wasn’t just what you did that was messed up though, it was who you were.

You were by nature children of wrath, completely unable to do anything about your desperate condition.

But you know what?

God could and God did.

When you were dead, in this terrible position, God made you alive together with Christ.

He made you something you weren’t.

And you know what he did?

It wasn’t just something in us as individuals. He took these two radically different groups of people, Jewish people and Gentile people, and he took those who believed in Christ and he joined them together, breaking down thousands of years of racial barriers and made one new people in which to dwell.

That’s power.

That’s power beyond what a person could ask or think. That’s the kind of power that is at work in us. And man, guys, when we start doubting whether God can answer our prayers, whether He is able, there are a couple huge spiritual problems going on.

One, it may be that we are doubting the resurrection. If God can keep that promise, He can keep any promise.

Two, it may be that we are self-righteous. We are just so self-righteous that we can’t see how much power God had to exercise already to save us and to change us. If we really were convinced salvation was as big as the Bible says it is, we wouldn’t doubt God’s ability to keep the promise in front of us.

Or three, it may be that we are failing to appreciate what is happening in the church, what a miracle the church really is!

We can trust that God will keep His promises and make big requests on the basis of those promises in spite of our circumstances, because we serve God who has the ability to keep everyone of His promises to us. He is able to do more than we ask or think!

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