For Prayer

We trust God is for us because of Christ.  Bottom line.  But sometimes we become a little anxious.  That’s not a good thing.  But we know what God tells us to do with our anxieties and that is to cast them on Him.  That is a good thing and we want to do so and would just ask if you think of it if you would cast our anxieties upon God with us!

A few months ago now, the facility that we have been renting for our church increased our rent over double.  Being a church plant, we weren’t able to keep up with that kind of increase and so we had to actually cut back to only one church service on a Sunday.  That was a real challenge and we have been trying to find out of the box ways to make sure that people get enough of the Word even though we aren’t able to have our normal amount of services.  Surprisingly though, today I got another email from the person in charge of our rental facility and they are tripling our rent.  We obviously can’t cut back from one service to no services, so we are in a little bit of a difficult position!  I feel so inadequate to come up with a good solution and so I just would ask that you would pray for us and that God would be glorified and that He would help me to be a better leader if necessary and that we would be able to find a place where we could meet on Sundays. 

We are glad for all the different ways God is blessing the church.  It is growing, people are changing, serving, and on and on we could go.  But, this scares us a little bit, at least right now and we just ask that you would pray with us for God to make Himself look great in the middle of this!

2 thoughts on “For Prayer

  1. Hallo Joshua

    I will pray with you as we are in a similar situation. Our church are also not able to afford the rent of the home we are living in at the moment. The rent here in Hermanus is very expensive and our current rent is of the lowest in town. I will pray for you and please do the same for us.

    Martyn Beets (one of your father’s students in
    Biblical counseling)

  2. We are praying that God will work mightly through this situation.
    Because of the Clark’s blogs we already feel like we know you and your church and love you all.
    Hard to know how this can possible workout but will be neat to see because we know God is all powerful. The hard part is waiting.

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