Using Words to Make God Look Great

Speaking truth requires we be concerned as we speak primarily about glorifying God and doing the other person good.

Glory of God first. This order is important.

When we talk we want to become people who are using our words to make God look great. That has to be our first concern, even above how the other person feels or what the other person thinks of us. Sometimes we are more concerned about ourselves than the glory of God and that is going to lead to lying, but when we are first concerned about making God look great we have to be concerned about the truth, because God is as we have seen a God who is truth and we aren’t representing Him well if we are lying. Sometimes we think the worst thing we could do when we are speaking to someone else is make them feel bad, but that really isn’t the worst thing is it? The worst thing is speaking in a way that dishonors God.

But because God is not only true, God is also love, of course because of that if we are going to serve Him with our words, we need to speak true words that are designed for the good of the person we are speaking to.

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