6 things every Christian knows…

 1. I was a rebel against God.  (Rebel in fact is only one metaphor of many.  Slave of sin, child of wrath, enemy of God, are others.) 

2. My rebellion against God was so bad and so significant that I deserved God to punish me forever. 

3. I have no ability in myself to deliver myself from that punishment.  I am a beggar in that I have no ability to pay the debt I owe God and I am helpless in that I have no ability to change myself into the person God designed me to be.  I am not good.  In fact, I find even what I and others might consider good in me is not because it has been tainted by selfishness and even a kind of idolatry. Therefore I have renounced a trust in my own abilities to fix me.  

4. I have been convinced if I am going to be changed and if my relationship with God is going to be restored, I must look outside of myself for deliverance.  

5. I have considered the Jesus that is announced and proclaimed in the gospel of the New Testament and the promises of mercy and relief and rescue that God promises there to those who trust in Him.  And I am convinced down to the core of my being that this person and these promises are the only, right, safe way for me to be rescued and accepted with God, that what I read of in the gospel is true and is the work of God Himself on my behalf. 

6. And I have run to Christ for safety from the wrath of God which I deserve and I have embraced the promised of mercy found there, and I have placed my entire confidence in His work on my behalf so that I know now God is for me and always will be so because God is faithful to His promises and because God the Father is for His Son and through faith He has united me to Him.  

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