Why do you do what what you do?  Have you ever stopped and thought about that?  

There are all kinds of different motivations for our actions: 

Fear of what people will think.

A desire to get ahead. 

Attempting to manipulate others to do what we want. 

Not wanting to rock the boat.

Worry about the consequences of not doing something. 

Trying to get God to like us. 


Attempts to appease our guilt. 

A drive to be powerful or respected. 

But I wonder what would change about your life if you replaced those kinds of motivations with faith?  Instead of shame or guilt or trying to get God to like you or fear of what people think, a rock solid confidence that God is for you because of the work of Christ on your behalf?

How freeing would that be?  

If you really want to live a radical life, don’t start with where can I move or how much can I give away or even what orphan can I bring into my home.  In other words, don’t start with action.  Begin with belief.  We are tempted to think that the way we change is by focusing on the externals, but I am convinced if God helps us changes this inward motivation, we would be shocked by the way it would change our entire lives.

A radical life begins with a radical faith in a radical gospel.  


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