Feeling the Overwhelming Power of the Sheer Loveliness

“One of the great perils that face preachers . . . is the problem of hyper-intellectualism, that is, the constant danger of lapsing into a purely cerebral form of proclamation, which falls exclusively upon the intellect. Men become obsessed with doctrine and end up as brain oriented preachers. There is consequently a fearful impoverishment in their hearers emotionally, devotionally and practically. Such pastors are men of books and not men of people; they know the doctrines, but they know nothing of the emotional side of religion. They set little store upon experience or upon constant fellowship and interaction with the almighty God. It is one thing to explain the truth of Christianity to men and women; it is another thing to feel the overwhelming power of the sheer loveliness and enthrallment of Jesus Christ and to communicate that dynamically to the whole person who listens so that there is a change of such dimensions that he lovers him with all his heart and soul and mind and strength.”

Geoffrey Thomas, quoted by Art Azurdia in Spirit Empowered Preaching

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