It has a tongue…

“In a critical study of the life of Robert Moffat, the outstanding missionary linguist of southern Africa, the observation was made that the vernacular Bible bridged the old and new. It was a living book in the sense of its resonant testimony assuming fresh impetus in homebred tones and accents. It was impossible to ignore. Lifting a vernacular New Testament in his hand, an African convert testified that he and his people once imagined the Bible to be a charm of the white people designed to keep off sickness and to be a trap to catch the people. He knew differently now. “We have never heard of such a thing… but now we not only hear with our ears, we see with our eyes, we read it, our children read it… We thought it was a thing to be spoken to , but now we know it has a tongue. It speaks and will speak to the whole world.”

William R. Burrows, Mark R. Gornic and Janice A. M (2011-11-15). Understanding World Christianity: The Vision and Works of Andrew F. Walls (Kindle Locations 1820-1823). Orbis Books. Kindle Edition

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