Trusting Our Churches to Him!

We are going to the United States for a couple of months.

It is going to be great to see family and visit with as many friends as we can.  I am also excited to hear how the Lord is at work in his church here in Pretoria while I am away.

I was beginning to read Roland Allen’s book, Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? today when I came across this quote.  (It is encouraging as we leave for a bit! I am going to trust God to do His work in our church and I am excited for our church to put their trust in Him as well.)

Roland Allen warns however that trusting God as a missionary is not always so easy. 

He writes,

“It is not easy for us today so to trust the Holy Ghost. We can more easily believe in His work in us and through us, than we can believe in His work in and through our converts: we cannot trust our converts to Him. But that is one of the most obvious lessons which the study of St. Paul’s work teaches us. I believe that we have still much to learn from his example.”

I know I do!

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