Practical Pelagians

“One of the best ways to test our grasp of God’s mercy is to consider how we treat other sinners. How do we respond when we encounter a homeless person, or a drug addict, or a transsexual prostitute? How do we treat the person at work, at home, or at school who is the most difficult for us to love? Our usual response is to get angry and impatient and to wonder why some people never seem to get their act together. But this is hardly the response of someone who knows that the bondage of sin can only be broken through the mercy of the cross.

It is strange to say, but some Christians are Calvinists when they deal with their own sins, but Pelagians when it comes to the sins of other people. Although they have learned that the only possible solution for their sin is the grace of God, somehow they still expect other people to save themselves.”

Phil Ryken and Noah Toly, What is Mercy Ministry?

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