Artist at Work


When I watch an artist painting, I can’t always explain how every flick of his wrist or dash of paint he puts on the canvas, all is going to make a beautiful work of art. But if I know the artist and I have seen his work, I trust he has somewhere he’s going with those seemingly meaningless acts.  

How foolish it would be to stand behind Monet and question every stroke.

The same with God. 

God has proven Himself able to take the most tragic of events and use them to accomplish His great goal.  I dare not stand behind someone as wise as God questioning His every move.

I don’t have to explain how everything that happens ends up accomplishing exactly what He wants. It is not my job to. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t explain it.

Because I know Him and I have seen His work.

I believe He is able to make something beautiful with everything that happens, and I know what it is! He’s shown us exactly what He’s drawing. 

God is using every single that happens in the Universe today as part of His great plan to put His beauty on display by choosing individuals out of this sinful world and transforming them, making them holy, and giving them to His Son as *”a spouse in perfect glory…blessing all that comply with his will in this matter and destroying all his enemies that oppose it, and so to communicate and glorify himself through Jesus Christ, God man.”  

*(Jonathan Edwards)

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