Thinking Deep Thoughts

I have a friend who really likes birds.

Now I know birds can be pretty. But he will look at a bird and see more there than I ever thought possible.

I am not sure that I will ever get into birds the way he does, but I will tell you this, he gets more joy out of birds than I do. Because he delights in birds, he thinks about birds and studies them and as a result, he is constantly amazed by what he learns.

It’s like there is a whole world of joy he experiences that I don’t even though we are looking at the same thing.

There’s much more to search out and be amazed by and enjoy in Jesus than there ever is any old bird. Of course! He is the Creator of all things and the Creator all things of course is more fascinating than any of His creatures that He has created.

And yet, how many of miss how amazing He is and the joy we can find in Him simply because we fail to think deeply about Him. We believe in Him and we are thankful for Him but we don’t work hard at considering Him carefully.

There’s so much to Jesus.

There’s a whole world of joy we can experience if we will seek Him out. We can spend the rest of our lives searching Him out and considering Him and meditating on Him and we won’t come to the end of new delights to be found in Him.

But, we have to think and pray and pray and think and take our minds which are so used to thinking superficially and look into God’s Word and what it says about Jesus and study and consider and adore.

How can we learn to do this?

Thinking deep thoughts about Jesus will require time to think deep thoughts. I doubt even Jonathan Edwards thought too deeply in thirty seconds. If we aren’t thinking deeply right away, we need to try to hold steady for a little bit longer, this is for your joy and your benefit and God’s glory. It’s worth any discipline it might take.

Thinking deep thoughts about Jesus will require saturation in His Word. We don’t want to spend lots of time imagining untrue things about Jesus. The only way we can know who Jesus really is is through what God has revealed about Him and therefore, we need to read God’s Word and read it again and read it once again.

Thinking deep thoughts about Jesus will require supernatural help. If you are worried because you aren’t naturally a deep thinker, remember you are not on your own, the Holy Spirit can help you where you can’t help yourself. This is not math class. There’s more to appreciating Jesus than just a natural intellectual ability. Cry out to God to help you see Jesus for who He is. This is the kind of prayer He loves to answer.

Thinking deep thoughts about Jesus is often easier when you spend time with people who think deep thoughts about Jesus. Maybe you can start with a friend you know who walks with God and get together with him and ask him what is one truth about the person of Jesus that he has most enjoyed lately. Or ask him, can we just talk about one particular characteristic of Christ? Maybe take his exaltation. Try to gather together all the Scriptures that speak of His exaltation. Read them together. Ask questions of those verses. Ask questions of them. Come up with ways those truths have been distorted. Praise Jesus for those truths. State them simply. Challenge each other with ways that they can be of encouragement in everyday life. Talk about the implications of those truths. Another way to spend time with people who think deep thoughts about Jesus is to read books written by men who thought deep thoughts about Jesus. I am not talking about a book you pick up up at the book store which is all about how you can have your most amazing life ever. I am talking about the kind of book that challenges you to look at Jesus. I am talking about the kind of book where you sometimes have to read one paragraph three times to get exactly what he means. The kind of books written by John Owen or Jonathan Edwards or John Calvin or one of the Puritans perhaps. It is ok if you don’t get through it quickly. Take a paragraph. Read it. Read it again. Ask yourself what are they saying? Why are they saying it? What is there to be enjoyed here? Where did they find this in Scripture? How can I enjoy Jesus more as a result of what they said?

I guess maybe all this sounds like a little bit of work to you, but it is really working to live. It’s all too easy to go sleepwalking through this life. Even though we are adults, we often live like those teenage boys you sometimes meet who are bored by everything. You know the kind who make you want to shout, life is amazing, enjoy it!

Jesus is amazing! Enjoy Him!

In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. If you believe that, do whatever it takes to dive in!

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