There are problems and then there are PROBLEMS….

Please pray for our brother, Newton Chilingulo as he is looking to move back to Malawi this August.

He’s been up in Malawi recently with some pastor’s conferences, and I just received his newsletter, in which he reflects on his experience, saying:

“Malawi has serious problems but poverty is not one of them.

No, No, No…I am not saying there is No poverty. There is.

Lots of it.

But Malawi’s greatest problem is that it is a country that has given animism a Christian jacket. While most people profess to be Christian the culture here is not infiltrated with a Christian worldview. While ‘Christians’ are not visiting witchdoctors, they are actually doing so by visiting the ‘anointed’ man of ‘gold’.

There is a place for conferences in Malawi, no doubt. But I am persuaded that is not the greatest need Malawi needs.

Malawi needs a theologically sound church planting movement. While there are a
plethora of churches there are not many gospel witnesses. Of course, there are few
exceptions. Lilongwe’s population keeps growing hence
the need for church planting.”

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