4 things hypocrites don’t do

Is there any condition more sad than that of the hypocrite? I am talking about the person who is religious yet unconverted. They go to church, try to clean up their lives, celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and may even be involved in service at a local church. But they never truly and sincerely bow their knee to the Lordship of Christ.

John Gerstner asks, ‘Why do men do so much and yet stop short of enough?’ He then points out four reasons Jonathan Edwards suggests:

1.  They do not hate sin as sin.

“As a matter of fact they love sin as such, but would have it divorced from the things that issue from it.”

2.  They do not deny themselves.

“Little do they suspect that when they deny this or that thing for fear of the consequences they are not denying themselves at all. Indeed they are worshiping themselves in such denials.”

3.  They do not choose God for their whole portion.

“They like the prospect of a Jesus who would save them in, rather than from, their sin. God is not their chief end, merely a means to an end.”

4.  They cannot trust that God will reward their self-denials.

“They never quite believe Christ when he says that if they save their lives they will lose them.”

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