Notes from Latrobe’s Journal: part 2

I am reading a journal in which the author is describing some of the early missions efforts in South Africa.

He speaks of meeting with a new believer. It is moving to read of this early convert’s passion for the gospel to spread. (Perhaps the only thing I wish might have been different is if the missionary had encouraged her to pray for God to raise up individuals from among her own people who would teach the truth and make disciples.)

He writes,

“After breakfast Sister Bonatz brought a Christian woman into my room, who had expressed a particular wish to speak to me.

I desired her to sit down, which, after some hesitation, she did on a low stool, as is their custom, and Sister Bonatz being interpreter, said, that she came to beg, that we would send teachers to her nation, who were in the dark, ignorant of God, and of that happiness in Jesus, which she, though so unworthy, experienced…

On this subject she delivered herself with a kind of fervour and eloquence…

She spoke with great humility of the mercy shown to herself, of the privilege she enjoyed of living among a people of God, of her ardent desire, that her own brother and sister, and all her country-people, should experience the same; and entreated, that they might not be forgotten.

She was afraid, ” that perhaps the teachers might leave off praying for them.”

She had, however, found a text of Scripture which revived her hopes : ” I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not.” Is. xlii. 16.

She would therefore yet hope “that our Saviour would send to them His word, and call them to partake of His salvation.”

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