Be Happified

How happy would you be if:

1.  All your sins were forgiven.

2.  You stood absolutely innocent in God’s presence.

3.  You were washed of everything that you are ashamed of.

4.  You were at peace with the One who rules over the universe.

5.  You were loved by the Creator of all things.

6.  You were part of God’s family.

7.  You were continually being taken care of by God.

8.  You were being led by God to complete and total satisfaction.

9.  You knew that someone perfect and beautiful loved you enough to die for you and to suffer the judgment of God for you.

10.  There was someone who was at the right hand of God who was constantly speaking to Him on your behalf.

11. The One who the angels worship was not embarrassed to call you brother.

12.  You knew you could enter the place of most importance in the entire Universe, the most majestic and glorious place in the world, the very throne room of God, and there would be someone there who was in charge of that place, who would run to you, open His arms to you, and embrace you as His friend.

13. You were set apart by God to be glorified and made beautiful forever.

15. You were being helped by God to live for a purpose and to accomplish things that will matter forever.

16. You knew your life was not pointless and you would be eternally rewarded for even the smallest of good things that you do.

Think about how happy you would be if you knew all these things were true! Then be happified, if you are a believer, because the Bible says they are.

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