Nothing Too Difficult

I wonder how hard would you work if you knew it would result in gaining the entire world?


There are many people who are willing to make great sacrifices for much less than gaining everything in the whole world. Maybe to say it another way, if you knew that there was the possibility of gaining the entire world as a result of doing something, you would most likely be willing to do it. In fact, if you weren’t willing to do it, most people would think you were crazy.

You had a chance at gaining the entire world, and you said, it was too difficult? What?

I am asking these kinds of questions because Jesus tells us the salvation of one single soul is worth more than everything in the entire world and it’s clear that God in His grace does allow us to participate in this great rescue operation. What sacrifices are we willing to make for something this valuable? Even if God allows us to labor and labor and labor and we are only somehow involved in the way God is saving one  individual person, a lifetime’s amount of sacrifices, that would be worth it. Wouldn’t it?

I am mean, I am sure if someone labored their whole life and gained the entire world at the end, many would say, it was worth it and there’s absolutely no comparison between the value of gaining the world and the value of the salvation of a soul.

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