Revive Us, O Lord!

I wonder if we long for God to revive us?

While not minimizing the kindness God shows us as He slowly and steadily changes us into His image, it seems there have been particular times during the history of the church where God seemed to accelerate and intensify and extend his work in individual lives and in the church as a whole, and reading about those seasons, makes one long for more and more of them.

What happens in a true revival? In his lecture on Jonathan Edwards, *J.I. Packer highlights the following results of revival:

1.  God comes down

2.  The Word comes alive

3.  Christ is exalted

4.  Sin is seen

5.  Conviction goes deep

6.  Change goes far

7. Love breaks out

8. Joy takes over

9. The church becomes itself

10. The lost come in


11. Satan keeps pace

*(I have added just one to Packer’s list:)

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