A Drop of That Ocean of That Happiness

We will be tempted this week to live as if now is all there is.

Whether it is from the people we spend time with at work, the shows we watch on television, the things we hear on the radio, we will be tempted to settle for seeking mere earthly happiness.

But God created us for something more.

God did not make us merely for a happiness that will not last. We were created for something better than a happiness which is here for a moment and then gone, leaving us empty and disappointed.

We know that because He is kind.

If God created us to spend our lives trying to find happiness from things that cannot bring lasting happiness, He would have been unkind because the more we set our hearts upon that kind of happiness, the more trouble it will bring us.

Imagine if God said you must satisfy your thirst with something he knew did not satisfy!

That would be terrible.

And that is not the kind of God we serve. He’s created us for an everlasting happiness. And ultimately we only find that happiness in Him.

If you search the world over, a wise man once said, if you could somehow wander from the earth and go into all the various parts of this vast universe, and could spend a thousand ages in trying every created thing, you would never find any true and lasting happiness, any true and lasting satisfaction, any satisfactory pleasure, till you come to the first and best of beings.

The joy found in Him is beyond compare. Seek it!

While the wicked may laugh and make great noise around you this week, don’t be fooled,because you know as well as I do that laughter and noise are not always a sign of true joy and that there are many who can shout as loudly as anyone who have hell within them.

Mark it down, it is the godly man who has the best kind of happiness.

If we look closely we will find that the godly man lives internally the most happy and joyful kind of life. But, get this, the happiness he experiences now is nothing compared to the happiness he will experience later.

As Jonathan Edwards once said, “Tis true, tis the same sort of happiness that is enjoyed in heaven, but it is but a drop of that ocean, but only some few drops of those whole rivers of pleasure, that falls from heaven upon the sanctified soul.”

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