Jesus’ Unspeakable Delight

*One of the ways the Bible helps us get an idea of the kind of loving friendship believers have with God the Son is through the picture of them having a meal together.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” (Revelation 3:20,21)

This is obviously a way of describing a relationship, fellowship, a friendship, between believers and Christ, or I don’t know what is. How else could God have said it? Jesus will stoop to share a meal with believers, in the innermost part of their being, He refreshing himself with the spiritual benefits He has given to them through His Spirit that He promised them.

He finds great happiness in tasting the sweet fruits of the Spirit in the lives of believers. You might imagine the hearts of the saints as being like a garden for the Lord. Whatever is sweet and delicious for taste, whatever is useful and medicinal, whatever is enjoyable and delightful, is found in this garden. There are all kinds of possibilities of different spiritual refreshments in the souls of the saints for the Lord Jesus.

This is why we pray for more fruit. It is ultimately for Jesus to enjoy. And we know He does enjoy it. The delight he takes in the fruit of the Spirit is unspeakable.

What’s more, as Christ enjoys this fellowship with believers, believers enjoy this fellowship with Him! He provides everything for their enjoyment. There is no one that can prepare the kind of feast Jesus can. For believers, spending time with Jesus, enjoying His friendship, is sweet. There is no one we would rather be with, our soul, faints with love for him, we experience deep spiritual longings for His presence, and in this life, we do experience tastes of this fellowship, especially when we gather with the church.

Because in the church, Jesus is building a spiritual house, and it’s in this house, that he makes provision for the entertainment of the friends he has so freely invited. He has built this house on a strong foundation of truth, and he has furnished it with everything we need, the table is prepared for the meal of our lives, and the food on it, is the spiritual fat things of the gospel, which he has prepared for those who respond to his invitation.

To eat and drink with Jesus like this, is to have fellowship with Him, and to have fellowship with Him is our greatest privilege and delight.

(*This is a paraphrase of John Owen in his book Communion with God)

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