The happiest place

How happy is heaven?

In heaven, there is nothing to stop any of us from being happy. All of the things that cause unhappiness here are gone. For starters, our own frailty. Gone. It sometimes seems difficult to enjoy things for very long because of our own human weakness. We get tired of the most beautiful things. We grow discontent. Give me the best of situations and I can find a reason to complain. In heaven, God is going to fix us. And as a result we will have a new and greater capacity for joy. Primarily because, sin is gone. Who knows the million different ways sin has impacted the way we think and feel? Imagine life with the sin sucked out. Imagine how much happier we would be even now. There’s a reason the Bible describes the Christian’s life in this world like a war. Sin makes living the Christian life difficult. It makes it difficult to think straight, to feel straight. But, there’s no war in heaven, only peace. Not only will we stop sinning, everyone else will too. There will be no sinners in heaven. Only perfect people. This in itself is going to be amazing. Even now, we find joy in looking up to others, meeting heros, people who go to great lengths to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. We make movies about these kinds of people. We tell their stories. We find satisfaction in hearing about their great deeds. With that being true, we are going to be so happy in heaven. Heaven is a world of heros. Everywhere we go, everyone we meet will only want to do what is right, all the time. Imagine the kind of relationships we will have as a result. There’s hardly anything more joy producing than sweet relationships here on earth. In heaven,those are the only kinds of relationship we will have, with anyone, forever.

To get an idea of the happiness of heaven, maybe, try thinking of the last time you felt satisfied. I am guessing it didn’t last that long. And it wasn’t a complete satisfaction. But even that small taste of satisfaction must have made you so happy and longing for more. Heaven is a world of satisfaction.

Everyone in heaven is fully satisfied. If you are a believer, that means you! Every part of our being will be experiencing maximum satisfaction, continually, forever. Our minds will be satisfied. If we find pleasure in knowledge now, just imagine learning without the brakes on! Our desires will be satisfied. We will want the right things, in the right way, and we will receive what we want, the way we want it. Our emotions will be satisfied. We will experience friendship and fellowship the way we have always desired. We will be able to love people the way we long to love people, without the struggling with sin that messes up so many of our relationships. We will be able to think about the other person’s best without struggling with the fear of man or longing for their respect. We won’t have to deal with conflict, because we will always be considering each others interest above our own. Our bodies will be satisfied. Everything we see will be beautiful, everything we taste will be just right, everything we hear will be pleasing. We are going to live in the most amazing place ever. There are places you go in this world where you are filled with joy at what you see all around you, and this world is living under the curse, can you imagine how beautiful the new heavens and new earth will be with the effects of sin taken out? And what’s even more amazing, is that most of what I have described, is only the beginning of the happiness of heaven. I haven’t even gotten to the really good stuff. I have been talking about the small joys in heaven. The chocolate bars of heaven, if you will. What is really glorious about heaven is the communion and fellowship we will have with God Himself.

As Jonathan Edwards once put it, “So great is the happiness of the saved soul. They shall be delivered from all manner of sin, temptation, trouble and affliction, and shall live in the palace which God has built and where he himself doth dwell, and there shall enjoy everything they wish for. They shall enjoy the company of prophets, apostles, martyrs, angels and archangels; they shall see the man Christ Jesus, and even Jehovah himself, the Eternal Three in One, and shall be intimately united to him, and this happiness of theirs shall endure as long as God endures. How precious, then, must the salvation of that soul be in whose salvation is so much happiness.”

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