Every Atom in the Universe

“By virtue of the believer’s union with Christ, he does really possess all things. That we know plainly from Scripture. But it may be asked, how does he possess all things? What is he better for it? How is a true Christian richer than other men?

To answer this, I’ll tell you what I mean by ‘possessing all things.’ I mean that God three in one, all that He is, and all that He has, and all that He does, all that He has made or done – the whole universe, bodies and spirits, earth and heaven, angels, men and devils, sun moon and stars, land and sea, fish and fowls, all the silver and gold, kings and potentates…are as much the Christian’s as the money in his pocket, the clothes he wears, or the house he dwells in, or the victuals [food] he eats; yea more properly his, more advantageously, more his, than if he could command all those things mentioned to be just in all respects as he pleased at any time, by virtue of the union with Christ; because Christ, who certainly does thus possess all things, is entirely his: so that he possess it all, more than a wife the share of the best and dearest husband; more than the hand possesses what the head does; it is all his.

The universe is his, only he has not the trouble of the managing of it; but Christ, to whom it is no trouble, manages it for him a thousand times as much to his advantage as he could himself if he had the managing of it all. Every atom in the universe is managed by Christ so as to be the most advantage of the Christian, every particle of air or every ray of sun; so that he in the other world, when he comes to see it, shall sit and enjoy all this vast inheritance with surprising, amazing joy.”

Jonathan Edwards, The “Miscellanies”

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