What does it mean to give ourselves up to God?

In his sermon, Dedication to God, Jonathan Edwards suggests it means the following four things:

1. We turn from the world, the flesh and the devil

2. We pursue God as our only good and happiness

“If we have not so given ourselves to God as to be contented in him as a sufficient and satisfying happiness, without hankering, looking back and longing after our old masters, the flesh, the world and the devil, and their pleasure, we have not given ourselves to God in a right manner.”

3. We seek to obey all of His commands

“It is a giving of ourselves up to God as servants, and receiving him as sovereign, God and King over our souls and bodies, over all our powers and all our actions. ‘Tis a giving our understanding to him to be enlightened, and to be exercised in thinking upon him. ‘Tis a giving our wills to him, to be guided and exercised in choosing of him above all things. ‘Tis a giving our affections to him to be governed and exercised in loving him, and what he loves, and hating what he hates. ‘Tis a giving all our executive powers to him to be employed wholly in his service.”

4. And we dedicate ourselves entirely to His will

“As one man cannot be said entirely to give a thing to another, except he gives him the liberty of disposing of it as he pleases, so neither can man be said to offer himself a living sacrifice to God, except he entirely gives himself up to God’s will, trusting in His mercy.”

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