Titus Study Guides #1

Getting Started:

1. Read Titus 1:1-4. What one truth stands out to you from this passage?

2. Think about the word Savior. What does it mean to call someone a Savior? Can you think of a good synonym for the word Savior? Who does Titus call our Savior? What does calling Him our Savior say about us? Why do you need a Savior?

The Big Idea:

The goal of our study together is to be more deeply impressed by the fact that God is our Savior. Unfortunately, all too often, we take the great salvation He has provided for us for granted. Before we will ever be able to take the gospel wide, we must make sure it has gone deep in us.

Into the Bible:

3. Titus 1:1-4 seems at first like a standard introduction to a letter. But if you look at these verses a bit more closely you see that they tell a story about salvation. Let’s start with the phrase, “which God, who never lies, promised before time began.” When is before time began? What is God doing here?

4. God’s saving us begins with this promise He made before time began. What comes next? Think about the phrase “God’s elect.” What does this phrase mean? Where are some other places you might find this phrase in the Bible?

5. Read Titus 2:11 and 3:4. What event do you think this verse is describing? How do these verses describe Jesus? What does that tell you about our salvation?

6. Looking back at Titus 1:1-3, what role does Paul say that he played in God’s great saving plan? (Hint: Look at the word apostle. Also, the phrase in the proclamation with which I was entrusted. And the phrase, for the faith of God’s elect.)

7. Turn to Titus 3:5. What does Paul tell us about salvation here? What hint might this passage give about another facet of our salvation? (Hint: Think about the word regeneration and its relationship to the fact that we put our faith in Christ.)

8. Finally, think about the fact that Paul says he spreads this gospel in the hope of eternal life. What truth does that remind us of regarding our salvation?

9. In your own words, take what you have learned about salvation from this study, and write one sentence describing how God went about saving us from start to finish.

Digging Deeper:

10. Read the linked article by R.C. Sproul and write down the truths that stand out most to you. Be prepared to share what you got from this article with others in your group.

“Why did God save me?”

Getting Personal:

11. How were you personally impacted by this study on salvation?

12. How can you be different as a result of what we studied? (In the way you think or feel or speak or act…)

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