How Spiritual Knowledge is Obtained

There is no knowledge as valuable as spiritual knowledge. Sometimes it seems like there is no knowledge more rare.

How is spiritual knowledge obtained? Jonathan Edwards suggests the following:

1.) The procuring cause is Jesus:

It was purchased for them through the work of Jesus Christ. For me to have spiritual knowledge, Jesus had to die and I need to be united to Him.

2.) The immediate efficient cause is the Spirit:

All spiritual saving light is given by the immediate teaching of the Holy Spirit. For me to have spiritual knowledge, the Spirit of God has to remove the obstacles in my heart and give me a soft and teachable heart that can understand what the Scriptures are saying.

3.) The means by which this knowledge is communicated is the Word:

This is the only likely way to ever obtain this knowledge, to converse very much with the holy Word of God, frequently to read the holy Scriptures. And if anyone is seeking after spiritual understanding, and does not do this, he can reasonably expect no other than to be disappointed.For me to have spiritual knowledge, I need to devote myself to the study of Scriptures.

4.) The foundation of this spiritual knowledge is regeneration:

Man must be made of an angelical nature before he has angelical knowledge; he must be made partaker of the divine nature before he is partaker of divine light. For me to have spiritual knowledge, I need to be born again.

Taken and adapted from Jonathan Edwards, A Spiritual Understanding

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