Seeing Things At A Distance

“The views of some men are confined to a narrow compass…nothing seems real to them but what they see with their eyes, and is the object of their bodily senses. The reason of this is a certain narrowness of soul, that has but a very scanty and confined knowledge, confined to the dust they tread on. This world appears very great to them, and worthy to set their hearts upon. ‘Tis because of a littleness of soul, they are like insects, worms and ants, to whom a little hillock looks like a mountain, and a spire of grass like a tree, and not like men, who tread these things under their feet as very little things not worthy the minding.

So they are of very narrow views and conceptions with respect to time. They can see no farther than just before them, and the things of another world, they are too great and too far off for them to behold…This is from a certain littleness of soul, and a pitiful scantiness and narrowness of mind, that they can’t realize the things of another world because they can’t see them, will not realize things that are to come because they be not present.

But to the spiritual man, God hath given largeness of heart, greatness of soul, that he sees and understands the things of the spiritual world as well as this. It’s beneath the greatness of their souls to be confined to a little clod of earth, and to a seventy years. They see things at a distance, and can see the reality of things that are to be a thousand years hence, as well as at present.”

Jonathan Edwards

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