What trusting God looks like

What does it mean to trust in God?

If you haven’t yet trusted in God, it is actually going to be difficult to understand fully what it means. There’s a peace and confidence that comes as a result of trusting God that is bigger than words can explain, and yet, with how valuable trusting God is, it is worth it to at least try.

In his sermon, Christian Safety, Jonathan Edwards highlights the following seven characteristics of a person who is really trusting God:

1.)  He knows he needs God’s help.

“If we see not our great and perishing need of help and relief, we shall never come to God for relief, because we shall think we can do it without him; and except we see that nothing else is sufficient to afford us help but God alone, we neglect to come to God, and seek something else in which to put our confidence.”

2.)  He believes God can help Him.

“After we have seen our own insufficiency, and the insufficiency of everything else but God; after we have seen that there is nothing else to take hold of, but we must take hold on God or perish, then we must see God’s all-sufficiency, and that there is enough in him for us. We must believe his almighty power, that he is able to do everything for us that we need to have done.”

3.)  He is sure God wants to help Him.

“Many are kept from trusting in God because they think they have committed so much sin that there is not mercy in God enough for them. He therefore must be sensible, that there is mercy enough, as well as power enough, to save the most vile returning sinner.”

4.)  He puts his confidence in the promises God’s made to help him.

“There is no trusting in God without a firm belief of the Word of God, and the revelation he has made concerning himself, especially his gracious promises.”

5.)  He loves God and seeks refuge in Him.

“As soon as we come into this world, and look behind us upon him that has just made us, we fly from him as we would from a mortal enemy, and instead of trusting in him continue to run with all our might from him, till he discovers his excellency and loveliness to us, and powerfully changes us and causes us to love him, then we shall venture quietly to rely upon him, and rest in him.”

6.) He looks forward confidently to the way in which God will rescue him.

“How can we trust in God for that we don’t believe, nor hope that he will ever bestow upon us what we trust him for.”

7.) He finds rest and satisfaction in God even in the middle of great difficulties.

“The sight of his great necessity and danger makes him restless and uneasy, when he sees danger all around him, and destruction every minute ready to take hold of him, and sees nothing that he can trust to, he must needs be very restless and in an uneasy state. But, when he sees a God that can save him, and stands ready, and is very willing to do it, and besides that has given his word and oath that he will do it, if he will depend on Him; when he sees that God is excellent and lovely, and worthy to be trusted and depended on: he then hopes in God, and places his dependence there, and so no more fears those evils that he was in danger of.”

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