He Has, He Can, and He Will!

“By Christ’s resurrection from the dead, the world has actually seen the other world, for they have seen a man after this life in another life; so that the world has seen the future state in Christ accomplished by his resurrection from the dead, for his resurrection was his beginning of a future state. The light of reason convinces the world that it is so: the Word of God puts it past doubt. Christ’s incarnation is a certain proof of the truth of it; by his death we have a repeated demonstration of it, but by his resurrection and ascension we have seen it all accomplished already in one instance. He has been seen not only to begin the life that is after this by his resurrection, but actually to enter into the place of the other world by his ascension. We have thereby a certain proof that all men shall rise from the dead, because one man is risen already, even the man Christ Jesus, who has declared that he will raise all the rest…Christ has shown that the resurrection is a thing possible, because he is risen; he has shown that he is able to raise men from the dead, because he has raised himself…and Christ has shown that he intends to raise men from the dead; for to this end Christ both died, and rose and revived, that he might be lord both of the dead and the living.”

Jonathan Edwards

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