How Having to Wait for a Blessing Can Be A Blessing

Waiting for an answer from God doesn’t always seem so long if it is not your prayer request.

But when you are really looking for God’s blessing and you believe you have sincere reasons for doing so, the time in between your prayers and seeing God’s answer can feel a little like forever.

We sometimes feel that way when it comes to looking for a space for our church to meet and minister in our community. Our situation just seems so tenuous and there are just so many great opportunities to serve that are much more difficult for us to use without a regular place for us to meet throughout the week.

And we have been praying! Not enough, but praying!

In a sermon on God’s blessing, Jonathan Edwards reminds us of several reasons why God sometimes takes time to answer our prayers for things like this:

1. To help us know our need of God’s blessing:

“Tis very suitable and becoming that before men have the blessing they should this way show their sense of their need of it & of the value of it.”

2. To help us remember we don’t deserve God’s blessing:

“God’s seeming to deny Persons the blessing for a while when they seek tends to Lead Persons to Reflect on their unworthiness of the blessing.”

3. To prove to us that God is the source of our blessing:

“Tis suitable  before G. bestows the blessing upon a person  that he should this way Acknowledge to be author of the blessing.”

4. To get our hearts ready to actually enjoy the blessing:

“The Person by such a seeking of the blessing is Prepared for it he is put into a suitable disposition to Recieve it, to Entertain it Joyfully & thankfully & to make much of it when it is Obtained & to Give G. the Glory of it.”

God’s always doing us good even when it might not look or feel like He’s doing us good!

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