Greater than Creation

Imagine being present at the creation of the world.

How awesome would that be? To see God’s extreme power on display as He speaks and universes come into being.

While the creation of the universe obviously is a great thing, what God has accomplished through Christ in saving us is greater still.

Jonathan Edwards explains,

“But Christ had done greater things than to create the world, to obtain his bride and the joy of his espousals with her: for he was incarnate and became man for this end; which was a greater thing than his creating the world. For the creator to make the creature was a great thing, but for him to become a creature was a greater thing. And he did a much greater thing still to obtain this joy; in that for this he laid down his life, and suffered even the death of the cross; for this he poured out his soul unto death, and he that is the Lord of the universe, God over all, blessed for evermore, offered himself a sacrifice, in both body and soul, in the flames of divine wrath. Christ obtains his elect spouse by conquest: for she was a captive in the hands of dreadful enemies, and rescue her out of their hands, that she might be his bride.”

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