I deserve _______________.

I am convinced how you honestly complete the following sentence reveals much of what you believe about God and how you view the world around you.

I deserve ___________.

It is true that many very difficult things are happening to people all the time. There’s no question there is a great deal of pain in this world. But at the same time look up, look around, there is so much about this world that is absolutely amazing and, to even be able to experience it for a moment!

Which do you deserve?

I suppose some might think it is a mark of low-self esteem to think I deserve the former. I wish. I wouldn’t mind valuing myself a little less. Instead, I am convinced it is just honest. If someone treated me the way I’ve treated God the answer about what I deserve would be fairly clear.

There’s so much freedom that comes from an accurate and realistic appreciation of what you actually deserve from God. And joy! Because not only does it enable you to see that has God stuffed this world with undeserved and amazing pleasures, it prepares you to enjoy the way He’s gone over and beyond to show His kindness by sending His Son to die in your place.

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