Absolute Nonsense

I sometimes just can’t imagine it.

I think I know the danger of false teaching here in Africa and I think I can see how far some of these false teachers have strayed from Scripture, but I am still sometimes surprised by the absolutely crazy, God-dishonoring, soul damaging, stupid things they are saying and how many people are  believing it.

It might call itself Christianity.

It’s anything but.

For example, I saw this on a friend’s wall today.

Now, praise God, he is wise.

And he was lamenting the fact that people were saying things like this. Still over 7000 people have already liked this photo and over 6000 people have commented on it.

Imagine a picture of velvet shoes with the word billionaire printed on each foot and underneath, these words:

“Touch the feet of the prophet.

It is spiritually prescribed that the feet of the prophet is where the anointing rests.

Going through biblical history, those who had a chance to touch the feet of the anointed, had an everlasting turn around in their lives. Remember the story of the woman who cleaned Jesus’ feet? She had her sins forgiven and walked out in glory, testifying of a major turn around in her life.

You may not have that physical chance to touch the feet of Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri but the photo below serves the same spiritual purpose.

Touch the feet of Major 1 in the photo below with faith and see what will happen in your life. When you touch, type one urgent case that you want God to deal with. COUNT IT DONE.

As the word ‘Billionaire’ shines on this Major 1’s shoe, be assured you are next in line.”


I thought it was a joke, until I saw it on the man’s own Facebook page.

In light of this nonsense would you please be praying for the men who are truly preaching God’s Word in Africa today? Because, while there are many false teachers like this Bushiri, God is raising up men to plant biblical churches and they are laboring in the middle of all this.

It can be difficult, but in Africa, there’s hardly anything more significant or important.

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