Living Hope Update

PSF Slide 2We are very grateful to be serving Jesus in South Africa.

And we are very thankful for you!

We thought we would send out a little update towards the beginning of this year about some of what’s been happening with:

* The Timothy Project
* African Bible Training Centre
* Living Hope
* The Muphamuzi Baby Home
* The Facility Search
* Family News

If you are interested, you can read more about it all here.

Perhaps though, I could share a little news about the facility search for prayer.

As many of you know, we’ve been praying and looking and hoping for a more permanent place for our church to meet for a long time now.

We’re thankful because some of you have even generously partnered with us in this endeavor.

But, we’ve also been excited to see members of our church feeling a burden to sacrifice towards this project. You know how something can seem so overwhelming that you are discouraged before you even begin? We’ve done extensive research and determined that we need to raise around 4 million rand to even begin looking at property and that amount can sound to some like an impossible amount. This year however, God’s graced us with a number of men from the church who are rising to the occasion to lead the church in sacrificial giving. They have been meeting on a weekly basis to pray and plan, and last week presented the church with a call to action!

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see these six men stand before our church and challenge them to trust God and to give generously what they have. Even if we aren’t able to raise the funds, I was just so grateful to God to see their hearts and to watch the church’s excitement to take part.

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