Wanting Holiness More than Comfort

I don’t have much hope for people changing as long as their fundamental motivating desire is to be comfortable.

And yet, if you move past all the nice things people say about wanting to do the right thing and wanting to be someone different, you find, very often what they really mean, is I want to do the right thing and I want to be someone different, as long as I still get to do what I want and be the same person I am right now.

Maybe I shouldn’t say they. Maybe I should say me.

Do I really want to change or do I just want the appearance of change? Which do I want more, being comfortable or being holy?

I don’t know, but maybe this is why Jesus was so often so straight up.

It’s not that he was being rude, obviously, or that he didn’t care about the people he was speaking to, he did. It’s just that he knew his time was limited, and he needed to help the person get to the core of the issue, and see themselves for who they really were, because he knew that was essential if they ever were going to really be someone different.

Now, obviously long term change is good and it is pleasant. Righteousness is really sweet. But, it’s just hard to pursue the path of the righteous if you are started off facing the wrong direction. It’s when what I want is to want what God wants most that I am ready to start working on becoming the kind of person He wants me to be.


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