An Opportunity to Partner

I am thankful for those of you who check in on this blog.

I thought I might share a quick note one of our team members has recently written to let you know of an opportunity we are excited about as Living Hope Church.

If you would join us in prayer, that would be very much appreciated. And if you are in a position to contribute towards this opportunity and would like to do so, that would also be a blessing to us and we would be very thankful.

Living Hope Church is a little over 6 years old.

We have met in a home, in a flat, in a tent, and for over 4 years now, in a Lutheran Seminary building. This facility brings several challenges: the rent is high, the facility has no foyer or classrooms for crèche and children’s church (we currently use tents outside), and it is only available to us on a Sunday afternoon (during prime nap time!) for 2 hours, shortening our time together on Sundays and tying our hands regarding a number of ministries we would love to run if we had a facility for more than just this 2 hour time slot. We have looked high and low for another facility, but with no success.

We have now found a property for sale which would be a great fit for our ministry needs! (Here are some pictures). It’s large enough to cover our current ministry needs and provide some real possibilities into the future (2,380 square metres!). Further, it has a flat roof and we are told we could even build a second floor. The outside structure is sturdy and in great condition. The inside is mostly dry wall and would be very easily renovated as needed. The property is only 2 blocks away from the Baby Home that our church is closely connected with (Muphamuzi Baby Home, run by 1Hope4Africa).

If we are able to purchase this property, it would be used for the following:

  • Living Hope Church Worship Services
  • Varied Living Hope Church ministries (Sunday School classes, counselling, small groups, ministry team meetings, church events, seminars and conferences, etc)
  • A Library and Resource Centre
  • Living Hope Church offices (we currently do not have church offices)
  • African Bible Training Centre classes (currently meeting at Lynnwood Baptist Church, far outside our target area)
  • 1Hope4Africa offices (we currently do not have 1Hope4Africa offices)
  • We have other ideas too!

We need to get back to the Estate Agent soon about this property. Someone else has already made an offer of 3.25 million Rand on the property. That is a lot of money! But we were expecting no less than 4 million Rand for a church property in our area, so we believe this is reasonable. We have enough for a good down payment (around R600,000), and our own church family has been making pledges towards a church facility and are beginning to give sacrificially.

Ideally though, we would love to put down as much in cash for this property as possible, and thereby avoid all the interest that we would have to pay on a bigger loan.

Please join us in prayer!

And if you are able and would like to make a contribution towards this facility, here are the details:

South African Giving Details:

Absa Bank, Lynnwood Ridge

Account Number: 4074622688

Branch Code: 632005

Reference: Facility

USA Giving Details:

For tax deductible online donations, click here.

Select “Living Hope Church Facility” from the drop down menu.

Thank you very much. As we always say, the church is much more than a building. But, we’re finding out, it really helps to have a building and we’d be so grateful for any help you could give us towards accomplishing that!

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