Loving God

If the greatest command is to love God, as believers, we ought to spend some time thinking about what it means to love God and whether or not we are growing in our love for God.

Here are 10 simple questions we might ask ourselves as we seek to evaluate our own love for God:

  1. Do I like to think about God?
  2. Do I want other people to think rightly about God?
  3. Do I want others to see how great He is?
  4. Do I want what He wants to matter most to me?
  5. Do I long for people to do what God asks?
  6. Do I want to make myself pleasing to Him?
  7. Do I desire to know Him better?
  8. Do I want to speak with Him?
  9. Do I want to listen when He speaks with me?
  10. Do I long for more and more manifestations of His love?


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