Amazing Grace

It is sad how easy it is to become used to the grace of God.

We sing amazing grace, but are we really amazed by it?

If we are not as amazed by it as we want, which unfortunately, is the way I am all too often, it helps, I think, to force yourself to look again.

Think about how much this gift cost.

When you think about the value of the gift God gave you it will help you see that His kindness is amazing.

He gave you His only begotten Son.

What greater gift could He have possibly given?

And then think about the benefits you have received as a result of the gift God gave you. I think, you’ll be stunned.

There’s what you are not going to receive as a result.

You have been delivered from unending wrath.

And, then of course there is what you get in its place.

You have received unending glory instead. Angels are going to be amazed by you.

If you meditate on your own unworthiness for the gift He gave you, you’ll begin to become overwhelmed.

Instead of deserving this gift, you actually deserved the opposite.

The greatest of gifts to the ones who least deserved it. That is the way God has worked.

And then when you consider the way in which He made it possible for you to enjoy this gift, you are going to want to shout for joy.

He sent His Son to become man and die and be executed on your behalf.

There is a sense in which His grace is really scary, isn’t it? I mean, imagine someone giving you a gift that you know he purchased at the cost of the person he loved most.

And of course, what makes all this grace and kindness that you are experiencing even more remarkable, is the fact that it is so free. God did not have to give us anything. He could have rejected us the way he damned the angels who sinned.

But He didn’t.

Let’s pray that we never, ever, get used to that! God’s grace really is amazing.

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