Being Loved

Being loved.

Is there anything better than knowing you are truly loved?

As believers, we are not just loved by anyone, however. We know we are loved by God Himself.

“In love,” Paul says, “He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ.” (Eph.1:4b.)

To feel the force of that you might even say out loud, “I am loved by God from before the beginning of the universe.”

You can find other ways to say it as well, which might draw out the shock of it even more.

“The One who created everything I see has a deep affection for me.”


“The most important and powerful and good and wise and beautiful Being who has ever existed or who ever will exist, cares intensely for me.”

How do I know?

“He told me.”

“He proved it to me by giving me absolutely every spiritual good that He could give.”

“He chose me.”

“He is changing me.”

“He made me His child.”

“He united me to His Son.”

“He made the absolutely greatest sacrifice for me.”

“He forgave me.”

“He rescued me from the punishment I deserved.”

“He has revealed His most important secrets to me.”

“He has a plan that stretches on into forever for me.”

“He has promised an inheritance to me.”

“He has given His Spirit to me.”

“He has changed me.”

“He is presently working in me.”

“He has given a family to me.”

“He allows me to speak to Him at anytime and He listens to me.”

“He has raised up men to share the truth with me.”

“He is using me.”

“He has promised to show kindness towards me for all eternity.”

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