Essentially Different than Everything Ever Imagined…

“The world is not interested in anything small. Everything for the world must be on a big scale, it does not matter what it is. Everything must be in a grand manner because man is so great, he has got such conceit of himself that nothing but some great solution is adequate, and he is always looking for that…The world spends its time setting up Royal Commissions, acts of Parliament, the profundities of some great philosopher, some wonderful discovery of science. It is looking, scanning the heavens for something big, great, marvelous, outstanding, something absolutely new, something hitherto unheard of – that is what the world is always interested in, is it not? And it is because it is like that, that it is unaware of the solution that is at hand. Or to put it another way, the world is unaware and ignorant of the only solution because this solution is so essentially different from everything that it had ever imagined.” Martyn Lloyd Jones

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